I thought I’d like living with a lot of sows. I’ve often looked on in jealously at Wesley and Hamlet and their harem’s of piggies, but not any more. I’m more than happy with just my Poppy, my ONE piggy Poppy!

This week Toby and I have been totally surrounded by sow piggies. Everywhere we look, there are sows. Harriet, Lottie, Tilly, Lottie, Charlie, Lola, Phoebe, Rosie, Ruby, Nibbles, Rosie, Beauty, Midge, Bella, Toni and even Pip and Pepper are outside, so there’s absolutely nowhere we can hide 😯

And the noise is horrendous…so much for the sow being the gentler piggy…I’ve found that they squeak and wheek the loudest of all!

Thankfully reinforcements arrived in the form of Wilbur, Dexter, Nibbles and Munch! We are still out-numbered but at least we can squeak and wheek about what we want to, without the sows taking over 😀

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