All is well…

All is well even though the sun is refusing to go away, all is well even though the rain hasn’t arrived yet, all is well even though the grass isn’t growing long enough to eat. There’s too much sun and the usual rain seems to be missing, yes, other than those two very important things in a guinea pigs life, all is well!

Thank goodness for air conditioning, fans, watermelon, cucumber and water bottles is all I can say at the moment!

The piggies have arrived for their holidays old and new friends alike, so the guinea pig house is bursting at the seams which of course is making me feel even hotter because everywhere I look I see a hairy guinea pig…roll on Autumn, when we can go outside without the worry of burning in the sun or overheating in the sun or dying of thirst in the sun…I can’t even snuggle up in my hay because it’s too hot! Who wants to snuggle up in the mountains of hay in this weather? Okay, Earney enjoys that but I think it’s far too hot, roll on Autumn or even Winter!