Lots of friends!

The ‘acrobat’ piggies (Chip & Sylvester) have had a fun time on their holidays; they’ve being running here and there, climbing on the  logrolls and hiding in the hay, not to mention eating lots of grass outside, no fear of them staying still long enough to catch any rays of sunshine though…they make me tired just watching them!

Rosie & Matilda are back for their holidays, along with Bob & Hettie, Thomasina & Emily and Maisie & Betty 🙂

Ollie & Brownie are back and both are looking very well, although Brownie did turn a little queasy when Ollie entertained everyone telling us about his recent vet’s trip to remove a bladder stone   😮

Simba has been for a Spa Day. He had beautiful long hair and his face was surrounded by a lions mane of hair…Poppy was quite taken with his  hair, but then he had it cut and it was left in a huge pile on the floor, I really though Poppy was going to cry! Simba loved the new look though and was so pleased to be cooler and all set for the summer!

Thorn, Maisie, Bramble, Willow and their new friends Pixie and Miep have settled into the 10ft well. They have half hay and half vetbed so they are sprawled out the full length of it!

Sponge and Flynn & Chuck are back, but they haven’t had much to say yet. I’m letting them settle in, as they arrived late yesterday afternoon. After a few meals inside their tummy and grass time tonight, they’ll be ready to have a good old natter! I have to say I’m so pleased we boars are gathering our numbers as I was worried that we’d be over taken by the sows again, especially since Thorn and his troupe arrived!

Clover and Cookie are on their first holiday with us, but I’m sure we will all make them feel very welcome…Grandma has already fallen in love with them and keeps saying ‘they are just sooo cute!’ over and over again!

I’m just waiting on Bella and Tony to arrive and then we are all set for some summer fun with lots of friends so as you can see, I have lots of socialising to do so I’ll squeak soon,

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