Holiday Boarding Fun!

What a busy day we’ve had…my forever mummy said it’s been like a photo shoot, whatever that is? Our holiday boarders have had a busy day having their photos taken again but Poppy and I managed to sneak in on the proceedings too 😀

Poppy has been busy preening herself and I’ve even had my nails cut so that I look dandy too (I don’t know what that means either but Grandma seemed pleased with it so it must be good, I was pleased with the parsley I had whilst they were being cut 😉

The boarders are lots of fun and thoroughly enjoyed it too, especially Sooty who kept popcorning! I dont know if Grandma managed to get a photo of him mid flight, you’ll have to check out his gallery to find out, (I think he shares his with Sweep).

Don’t forget to look at my gallery too, the name has being changed to ‘Nosey and Poppy’ now so you’ll see some photos of my beautiful Poppy too 😎

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