C&C cages3

Well what a busy few weeks we’ve had around here I can tell you.
Poppy and I Ihave been moved into the guinea pig house when the weather warmed up, then back into the big house when all the noise started and then back into the guinea pig house ready for all the new gueststo arrive; I’m fair worn out with it all!

It wasn’t until we went back into the guinea pig house that I saw what all the noise had been about, (it was agonising not knowing all that time). The new c&c cages have been built for everyone using Corex and wood so it’s not actually a cage, more like gigantic boxes but I have to say that it works well and they do the job.

It’s not actually finished yet as my forever mummy would like a few more shelves and extra lighting/windows but she ran out of time because we are fully booked this week 🙂
News about the piggies next time!

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