Piggies everywhere :)

It’s been all go around here this week with lots of pamper packages.

The towels have been piling up daily in the wash bin and just when I think there’s enough to go in for a rummage, they get scooped up and taken to be washed! It’s not the same when they come back either, they just don’t smell of lovely piggies anymore and they are all dry and folded…not much fun for me at all!

I do, however, have a new box filled with hay to rummage in now. Grandma called it an Easter Egg Box, butI don’t know what used to be inside before I got it, but whatever it was, it was huge, because my box is enormous and I love it! 😀

More piggies have arrived for their holidays but I haven’t had a chance to squeak and wheek with them yet as we have been moved into the piggy palace for a while, yay! I love my forever mummy 😎

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