May madness!

Woohoo! Ive finally got MY laptop back from my forever mummy…hers broke, so she took mine to work on the new website! I must come up with a better hiding place for it, but it’s so big and there’s not many places except for under the hay… I eventually gave in to her when she promised me a full photo on the front page, so keep a look out for that when the new website goes out, which should be very soon 

There’s been loads of holiday boarders over May too, but without my computer, I just haven’t been able to keep track of them all! I did try writing them down on paper with a lovely red crayon, but Poppy liked the taste of that and nibbled it into tiny bits, so it’s unreadable!

We really did enjoy having them all to stay and we’ve made lots of new friends and Rodger has made lots of new admirers, both human and piggy, I think it’s to do with the hair 

Carrie and Annie have just gone home after squeaking and wheeking to Rodger; Wilma, Chip, Mungo and Polga went home last night; Rupert and Molly are still here although I haven’t had much chance to wheek with them as they are always either asleep or out playing at different times to me; Blackjack and Oreo are back for another holiday and they’ve brought their relations Carrot and Coco too; Ginegey and Fluffy are trying us out for their first holiday, Poppy said I had to leave them alone to settle in as they are soooo tiny I might scare them! I’m an adorable piggy so I don’t think I’d scare them, but Im doing as I’m told nevertheless.

Daisy, Pixie and Poppy are also here for their first holiday with us…they are all hair and don’t have anything interesting to wheek about just yet, but my Poppy seems to like them alot as she’s forever wheeking to them across the room…there’s three of them though, so that’s alot for one boar to handle so I think so I’ll leave them to my Poppy 


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