Stragglers are in!

The late Christmas arrivals are here now. Gertie Jackson and her entourage arrived yesterday just in time for tea and Comet &Blitzen and Jeremy & Lady Rose Blossom arrived in time for supper…these piggies certainly time it well 😀

My laptop is being put away after this under lock and key because otherwise Gertie will be using it to update the NEGPR gossip column while she’s here, just like last time! I have a brilliant hiding place, camourflaged with hay under the bedding, she’ll never find it!

Comet and Blitzen have been wheeking away about their escapades of their carry case falling apart, but Lady Rose Blossom and Jeremy went straight to sleep as the journey had tired them out the poor things, royalty must need more sleep than us mere piggies!

All that’s left to say is…MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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