The Hunkiest Chunk of All…?!

Oh my! Well I never…

I honestly can’t believe it!

Teddy has been usurped from his position of hunkiest chunk of Summer 2019 after only a few weeks, yes you read that right, Teddy is the winner no more!

There has been a late entry, one that I really wouldn’t have suspected of even being a contender at all, but there you are, it just goes to show that you can never be certain of anything these days. So, who is the late contender I imagine you’re yelling out, but do you really want to know?

This is just unheard of here at NEPB, it’s never ever happened, not even in Nosey’s reign, in fact, I think there’s been some underhand mischief going on…

I think I better do a recap to avoid confusion:

Bailey has been NEPB’s hunky chunk for as long as anyone can remember (he’s been holidaying with us for quite a long time). Teddy became Summer 2019’s hunky chunk, stealing the award from Bailey only to have it swiped from under his nose a mere 2 weeks after achieving the prestigious title.

So, without further ado, the title for hunky chunk Summer 2019 goes to Sweetpea weighing in at ????g, I’m told it’s not nice to publicly announce a sow’s weight, but let’s just say that it’s over 1500g!

Yes, you read that right too, Sweetpea is a sow! Can you actually believe it, a sow won the hunkiest chunk award?! I’m sure there has to be some rules about sows entering, there must be, we’ve never had a sow win before. I’ll check with Ruby about the rules, she’s good with that sort of thing.

Anyway, I suppose I should congratulate Sweetpea on winning the hunky chunk award, but now I’m off to consult with Ruby about the rules.

Hilton x