Yoyo -ing

In, out, in, out, change it all about! That’s exactly what’s been happening here this week, it’s been such fun!

Porky and Sub-Z have gone home, Ben and Jerry have been for a long Spa Day, Tom and Jerry have been for a Spa Day, so we’ve had lots of washing to do too so my forever mummy has been very busy!

Spencer, Gertie, Ben and Hudspith are still here and have been telling us all about their ordeal before coming here…water pipes burst in their house…good job, they were coming on holiday if you ask me 🙂

Scampi and Mushroom have arrived for their first holiday with us…they are a little bit nervous but that’s understandable really, they are tiny and there are a lot of us here at the moment – but they’ll soon settle in because I’m going to offer them my Ings hay as a welcome present 🙂

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