Ooh, see that pig, watch that scene, digging the Yoga Queen!

Ruby here with the news from the piggy house.

I’m rushed off my feet making sure that everyone is doing their jobs efficiently, which of course, they weren’t until I showed them how to do it properly! I may as well just do everything myself… tut tut!

Yoga classes are going extremely well, with lots of sows joining in. Violet, Daffodil & Daisy, Twinkle & Sparkle, Minnie, Kiki & Sally, Fleece & Clara all signed up for the first class of the summer. You can surely tell from all the names that the yoga classes are for sows only can’t you?!

Yes, good, that’s what I thought too, but apparently not, because 2 of the above were in fact boars, yes boars I tell you, trying to infiltrate and disrupt my yoga classes like last time. I’ll not name and shame them because they know who they are, but I just don’t understand why two quite handsome boars should want to be called a sows name, can you? It all seems very strange to me. Anyway, I gave them short shift and booted them out with my long slender yoga toned front paw. The sad thing was that they really thought they were sows but believe me I caught sight of them as they rolled out and they were definitely boars!

After that bad start, the class itself ran smoothly and everyone enjoyed themselves and so far, no one is complaining about aches and pains, apart from Clara who says his bum hurts!


Ruby (Yoga Queen)

(The slight misunderstanding was cleared up when their slave came to collect them. The boars have been brought up as sows all their life, as their young slave wanted sows, but could only get boars 😮 )