Ready To Go Again!

Yay! I love a new year, everything fresh, crisp and clean, just how it’s supposed to be, if only it’d stay that way.

Vet bed washed, dried and back in its pile, ready to go again, cages all steamed and cleaned, ready to go again, bottles disinfected, ready to go again, dishes washed and dried, ready to go again, hay stocked up, dry food stocked up, so all we need now are the piggies!

So, if you have guinea pigs that need a holiday, or that need to stay with us while you have renovations done, or while you bring another human into the world, whatever your reason, know that we will be waiting for them.

We will show them how to have a lovely relaxing holiday, where grass is plentiful, hay is in abundance, and yoga is a must for piggies with the pants. Don’t worry about their bedtime routines because I will ensure that everything is above board and they all get their beauty sleep.

I excel in running things like clockwork, Summer, Winter and Hilton like to help too, but it’s mainly due to my wonderful planning and organisation skills that keep this place running!

Much love Ruby xx