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Well. what a lovely few days we’ve been having…lots of sun, lots of grass to eat and lots of piggies for company 😀

As I thought, Scampi and Mushroom really enjoy Ings hay! The rack is ready for a re-fill every morning and night, as is ours 😛

Ben and Hudspith are enjoying eating the fresh grass outside too and lazing in the sun. Spencer is enjoying all the extra attention that he’s getting due to his nether region problems 😯 Gertie is becoming a bit of a handful…yes, ‘too big for her boots’ and ‘bossy’ are the words that spring to mind! She is insistent that she needs to be on the laptop far more than I do as she has to get ‘Gertie’s Gossip’ ready for Sunday. Honestly, the cheek of the sow, surely my blog is far more important than her gossip colum??!!!!

Anyway, we’ve had new arrivals too – Comet & Blitzen and Jeremy & Lady Rose Blossom…we’ve never had nobility stay here before, I’m not really sure how to behave, do I bow when speaking to her or just bend my knees…I’ll have to watch what Jeremy does I think 😀

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