Food, food and more food!

Pippa, Lily, Smudge and Fig have been for another holiday. They played happily on the grass and Smudge just ate and ate and ate but they went home all too quickly 🙁

Pop, Tuppence and Miranda are back for a weekend break Smile
Jeremy & Jeremiah and Comet & Blitzen are back for a short break too. They’ve settled right in, enjoying the daily hay trays and snacking on sweetcorn 🙂

Boobo, a delightful longhaired piggy, has arrived for a spa weekend. He’s settled in nicely and already had his hair trimmed and washed, so he’s not as long haired anymore 😛

My forever grandma says that ‘as long as a piggy gets plenty of food, he’ll be a happy piggy’ and judging from these boarders I think she might be right!

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