Another day, another piggy to meet.

I’ve met two more new piggies this week! They are called Marley and Dylan and they came for a weekend break along with Coco and Holly (Coco and Holly’s forever mummy is fostering Marley and Dylan at the moment from NEGPR). They are the most adorable little piggies, even Poppy likes them! One has a shiny, sleek black body whilst the other is a complete fuzz ball, they do say that opposites attract and that was obviously the case with these two. Coco and Holly are both doing fine and haven’t changed much since their last visit, they are still as gorgeous as ever 😎

Tom and Jerry have been back for a pamper package over the weekend and we’ve had a hay delivery so it’s been all hands on deck here…I’m not too sure what that actually means but I’ve heard Grandma use it before…maybe she means decking, yes that’s it, all hands on the decking, but then that can’t be right either because everyone knows that it’s peoples feet that walk on the decking not their hands…anyway we’ve had a very busy weekend here 😀

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