More friends to wheek with!

A gorgeous young piggy sow arrived for her holidays called Blossom; Poppy thinks that’s the most delightful name ever and couldn’t wait to squeak with her 🙂

I, on the other hand couldn’t wait to speak to MOOOOOOOPPPPPP!

Woohoo!, my old friends Mop and Lily came back and yes, Mop did look like a mop again…it’s such a shame that my forever mummy gets asked to chop it all off.

Two piggies came for their holidays for the very first time; they are called Speedy and Nibbles. They’ve had indoor play and they definitely live up to their names as Nibbles nibbles everything in sight and Speedy runs really fast…I couldn’t keep up with him even if I tried, but it is fun watching my forever mummy trying to get a cuddle from him 😉

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