All friends together

Yet again I’ve had a boar arrive for a short break with two friends…not content with that he’s having another friend added whilst he’s here too…this is really giving me ideas because as you know I only have Poppy.

My forever mummy explained to me that it is called bonding and it would take up most of her time and attention whilst they were here to ensure it all goes smoothly. I can’t think why Willow would object to having a brand new sow along with two others, can you?

It didn’t take that much time really because as I guessed Willow was fine about it, and the sows got on really well, one mothering Sparkle and the other being a little sister.

So Willow, Nibbles, Cocoa and Sparkle have now gone home as a group, but we’ll be seeing them again in the summer 😀

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