Sunshine and showers!

I’m getting a little confused with the seasons around here! One day it is cold and damp and we have to have indoor play and then the next it is blazing hot sunshine and we are shade-bathing!

I don’t mind indoor play though, as boarders have a set of blankets assigned to them during their stay so there’s no chance of them getting a hold of mine and outdoor play is much the same except they have an alotted grassy area instead of a blanket. I always, always have the longest grass because I live here permanently and have to share my home with lots of other piggies, therefore I think it’s only fair that I get the ‘bestest’ grass available 😛

I think it’s slowing down a little here now, which is good for me because most of the noisy sows have gone home and boars just about out number the girls now 🙂

The sun is shining again and the grass is dry so we’re all off outside to play 😎

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