Cat flap not needed!

Poppy and I are back in the guinea pig house now, just in time for Christmas, but I’m not worried at all thanks to Nicole on our facebook page, because she says that Santa has a magic key that unlocks every door so he’ll be able to deliver all our pressies, so no need for a cat flap after all

The first few holiday boarders have arrived: Scamp and Abby and Guinea and Nibbles.

Abby is very shy, she hasn’t spoken to me yet and scamp is, well, he’s a scamp… running around at playtime and talking to me all the time, trying to involve me in his escapades but Poppy said it’s not a good idea to get into trouble this close to Christmas…

Guinea and Nibbles are tiny, even smaller than Poppy, but they can really fly around their hutch but at playtime they are so still they would easily pass as a statue!

Waiting for more boarders to come in tomorrow and then we just sit and wait for Santa

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