Lazy days in hazy sunshine!

I’m loving this weather! It is lovely and sunny but it’s a cool sunny, if that makes sense, with a slight breeze, just enough to keep me cool as I munch my way through the grass – because it’s very hard work keeping the grass down 😛

I escaped all the pampering today thank goodness! All the sows where bathed, not all together, I don’t think they’d all fit in the bath…have you seen the size of their derriere’s? Poppy says I shouldn’t be looking, but I say, I can’t miss them 😉

Nail clipping’s have been flying around too but I’m glad to say that mine have stayed firmly attached to my paws and if I have my way they will remain there a little while longer too 🙂

So while all of that was going on, the boars had a gorgeous lazy day in the hazy September sunshine…although I over heard my forever mummy say something about it being Toffee and Magpie’s turn very soon 😯

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