Pampered piggies :)

It’s been all go around here 🙂 It seems everyone wants a pamper package ready for their summer holidays!

The washing line has been full a couple of times giving us plenty of shade from the sunshine and making the guinea pig house smell lovely and fresh…I actually like the smell of piggies best!

Wesley and Co are still here, enjoying the piggy palace and Sponge is happy being at the other end, as far away from all the sows as he can be…he likes being near me though because we wheek about all sorts of things 🙂

Carrie and Annie have gone home from their holidays and Snowy and Boris are all set to go home tonight, so it’ll be a bit quieter in here that’s for sure, until our next holiday boarders arrive.

Harry and Hilton are getting along famously, my forever mummy is very pleased because they now both have a friend.

Nearly tea time so must dash 😀

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