Grass time and awards!

Woohoo! Every single piggy got out of the shed today for more than 5 minutes because it didn’t rain!

George, Ginny and Jemimah, spent their time lazing around in the grass, and hiding in the log rolls, making taking photographs very difficult for my forever mummy! Tommy & Tim spent most of their day under the log rolls too and my forever mammy just moved them around the run for them to get more grass  🙂

Carrot & Coco dashed here, there and everywhere and didn’t really settle in one place to eat grass, they just had nibbles everywhere they went! Blackjack & Oreo were the complete opposite though and spent most of their time lazing around in the shade. Chip & Sly chased each other around, making the most of the sunshine. They didn’t really stay still until they went back inside, where they collapsed into their hay piles and had a snooze 😀

The groups made good use of the long runs, playing hide and seek in the grass. It must be great to play hide and seek with a group of piggies…Poppy’s so easy to find as she always hides in the log roll!

It’s official, Puck, Cream Puff & Elsa have been awarded the noisiest piggies of all time. They nearly won the award for the hungriest too, as they loved the morning veg, elevenses, afternoon snack time and tea time and not forgetting nuggets. These piggies can certainly eat and squeak!

Dexter has won the award for heaviest piggy this week as he weighed out at over 1600g and baby Skye definitely wins the award for the lightest piggy weighing in at 221g.

That’s all news I have for this week, but no doubt with the new arrivals today, I’ll have plenty more to tell you next time!


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  1. Wanda StockdaleDO says:

    Wait till Skye and Star turn up, then you’ll know what loud is!!!

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