More half term piggies!

Bailey has been and gone home, he is an adorable piggy, who just eats and sleeps, just like me, I think he may be my best bud 😀

Gingersnap & Cupcake came for a holiday and pampering, along with everyone else, I really don’t know what had got into the piggies this half term at all! Nugget & Peanut came back for a holiday and a very relaxing one it was too as they spent most of their time in the hay and getting plenty of cuddles.

Hamish & Dougal came for their first holiday with us. They were very well behaved, obviously, they’d been told to be on their best behaviour! Winter & Stripey also came for their first holiday with us. They were so, so tiny and so cute, the smallest piggies I’d ever seen!

Handsome Harry was back for another holiday. He soon settled in and made his space a mess in no time…I mean he rearranged his space to suit himself, who says hay and poop shouldn’t be all over the floor anyway!

Toffee & Magpie came yesterday for another impromptu visit. Magpie brought a big medicine bag from his vets to help him feel better again. Sadly, the medicines didn’t work and he had to make one final trip to see his vet.

That night the sky was filled with the most beautiful flashing colours I’d ever seen and it was very loud too. My forever mammy said that it was my old friends, Harry & Dougal, throwing a party to welcome Magpie across Rainbow Bridge.

Apparently, you get to eat your favourite vegetable all day, every day, just as much as you want, so he’ll be up there chomping on cucumber forever more…I think he’s gonna love it!

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