New friends and Old Friends!

Magpie and Toffee arrived in time for tea and brought some with them too. They are long haired piggies, but not for long, as their forever mummy and daddy have asked for a very short hair cut as part of their pamper package.

Patch, Fidget and Scruffy came for a weekend break. They didn’t eat much of their dried food but enjoyed all the vegetables, and they are such a lively bunch, always getting up to some mischief of one sort or another…they make me look like an angel – it’s a shame they are going home soon 😛

Toby and Barney have returned for a holiday. They only came this morning but they’ve settled in straight away.

We’ve given our food order to my forever mummy because tonight is shop night and you know what that means… yes, we get an extra large helping because we have to empty the fridge for all the new things 😀

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