The last trickling of piggies!

Donald has certainly settled in well, he’s now coming out of the hay more and is eating plenty. He demolished a corn on the cob, much to my dismay as I’d offered to help, but he clearly doesn’t need me anymore  😐

Hettie arrived for her holiday with her new friend Rattie. They enjoyed laying in the hay and demolishing corn on the cobs too  😀

Daisy, Pixie & Poppy and Toffee & Magpie have been in for a pampering. They were all well behaved as they’re so used to the routine now. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the routine, cutting my nails is a big enough ordeal, never mind having a bath!

Polly is still on holiday with us, she’s enjoying the space in her 5ft cabin and listening to all our squeaks and squeals at teatime. Poppy has befriended her too and often squeals across the guinea pig house to her.

Inca & Tricky are the latest arrivals to have a holiday. Unfortunately, with all the rain recently we’ve been unable to get outside, so we’re enjoying hand delivered grass; hopefully, we’ll get a chance to go out before Inca & Tricky go home  🙂

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