Pampering all round!

Fudge and Smudge popped in for a little pampering to get their nails trimmed. They behaved very well and we had a good catch up on what they’d been up to and the busy Christmas we’d had πŸ˜€
Two new little piggies came for nail trims, called Jaffa and Cake …they are so sweet, and Grandma said they looked lovely enough to eat too, I’m not sure what she was on about…I’m beginning to worry about her!

Bramble and Horatio came back for nails trims too, as their forever mummy just couldn’t catch Bramble and make him sit still! I know exactly how he feels and thoroughly support his desire to not have his nails trimmed…some of us piggies just like to be left well alone πŸ˜›

Thank you so much for coming and supporting my cause for no pampering…it worked a treat! So who’s gonna come next week?

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