Squeaking and Wheeking

Apple and Pears are back for their hols. They are as fit and active as ever and gave grandma the run around earlier when she was trying to get them back in after morning play…that was so funny to watch…I think I might ask for a video camera for Christmas, then you could all enjoy the fun too 😀

Rocky and Rodger are back too, doesn’t seem like two minutes since they were here, but they are adorable boys and we love to squeak and wheek together, so I don’t mind at all…Rocky looks alot like Poppy too, which is another bonus, but she swears they are no relation!

Meg, Maggie, Maisie and Pepper are here for their first holiday. I think they’re enjoying themselves, as they’ve been eating plenty and having lots of playtime too 🙂

Lady Rose Blossom and Jeremy have arrived for their holidays, along with Comet and Blitzen. All four have settled in nicely 😀

Arthur is back with a new friend called Midnight, and yes she is very, very black 🙂

Peaches and Cream have been for a little pampering too and look like totally different piggies afterwards…they’ve gone from being long haired to short haired piggies with lots of swirls…they look a little bit like Poppy 😀

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