More comings and goings!

Jeremy & Lady Rose and Comet & Blitzen have arrived for a weekend break. Every piggy was told to be on their best behaviour for Lady Rose’s arrival; I feel it went smoothly because I bribed them all with green beans!

Stella and Vivienne dropped by for a snack of green beans too and a little pampering. Poppy always enjoys seeing these two delightful piggies, because she has the chance to talk about things girly sows talk about 😎

Pip and Pepper have returned for their Summer break, but are not staying inside the guinea pig house, they are living in an outside hutch…this makes it very difficult for me to have a night time wheek and squeak with them!

Lots of piggies went home after a very relaxing holiday, so all in all it was a very busy few days here 🙂

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