Clash of the carry cases :)

Oh my! What a busy February we are having here at the guinea pig house, I’m loving it! There’s been so many pamper packages getting done that I’ve been put to the back of the queue which is exactly where I like to be 😀

First Comet and Blitzen came because they were having a few days out seeing their forever mummy’s friends and needed to smell ‘nice’. I personally thought they smelt divine anyway (as boars do have a certain scent about them) but they had to have a bath and a nail trim for good measure.

Toffee and Magpie were next. They arrived in a brand new carry case, which Grandma loved, as it is very practical and easy to clean (I’ve noticed these two things seem to be very important to Grandma). As for Toffee and Magpie, they were just delighted to get rid of their old PINK one, as it did their ‘street cred’ no good what so ever!

Dexter, Wilbur, Branston and Pickle arrived next in their new carry case. This is made of fabric with a zip along the top for easy access and folds flat to fit under the bed…I think it’d be uncomfortable under my bed of hay, but whatever pleases people…

So my point here is…I think it’s about time Poppy and I had a new carry case to keep up with the other piggies..Poppy would like pinky purple, but I want blue or green, so I think with those colours it’s going to cause a stir wherever we go 😛

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