Summer here, letting you have a nosey around our guinea pig house.

Actually, not a lot has been happening here to be honest. It’s mainly just the run of the mill things to get ready for half term guinea guests, who’ll be coming to stay. I don’t know who is coming to stay, because I haven’t had a peep at the books, but to be honest I don’t really care, I’m just so pleased that some piggies are coming…

And this is why:

Hay delivered, fresh, green, lovely smelling hay, all ready to be devoured.

A box full of Readigrass delivered, yes, for real, a box full of grass, already cut and cleaned, so no going outside and having to cut it ourselves. We just lie there while our dish is filled up with delicious smelling grass, ready to eat. It does exactly what it says on the tin, well, box, it’s a box, a big, big box…I think I’m in heaven!

The vegetable shop ordered with lots and lots of veggies, so much so that I think we’ll have to take over a section of the fridge in the big house when the delivery arrives.

I’m so happy I think I might wee myself! I’m now counting down the days until our first guinea guests arrive, not long now, surely, does anyone know when it’s half term around here? Ruby will have a calendar, she’s very organised, I’ll go and see her and find out.

Bye for now,