Groups Galore!

It was great to see Bernard and Polga again, sad to say it was only the two of them but I’m sure Bernard has plans for more friends as he was saying Polga was getting a little too used to being the boss!

We’ve had a few groups in recently and it was lovely to see that they all got along really well, without any fuss, and the sows all knew that the boars were the bosses! George, Ginny & Jemimah had their first holiday with us this month. They are a lovely trio, and yes, George and Ginny are ginger, for all you Harry Potter fans 😀

There’s been a fair few pampering sessions going on too, thankfully not for me, I was just an observer (which as you know, is exactly as I like it) but Arthur & Spicy, Harry, Fudge & Smudge, Blackjack & Oreo and  Pears didn’t seem to mind. Frankenstein and Einstein were positively jumping for joy by the time they’d finished having everything done and they looked like different piggies!

Dexter, Wilbur & Pickle have been back too. They are such fun to have here, as they are all boys and always have lots to tell me! Fudge & Coco came for their hols, along with their bag full of toys. They have the most toys of any piggies  I know but they are really nice about sharing, although I always say no, because I’m not sure what Poppy would think about that!

Harriet and Lottie are back for their holidays, they are still as beautiful as ever and have such lovely personalities…I’m sure they’d make a lovely addition to Poppy and I, don’t you think?


Speaking of Poppy I must go and see what she’s up to, as she’s been very quiet for quite some time now!


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