More and more arrivals!

Lots of arrivals today and yesterday – making me quite dizzy fitting them all in, so Ive decided to delegate! Poppy has the main job of welcoming new arrivals and showing them to their quarters and giving them a printout of the routine…Readi grass at 10am, Ings hay at 1pm, and sunbathing at 2pm etc., whilst I concentrate on my blog which is the most important job after all 🙂

Pippin and Bumble are back for their hols…their tail feathers have grown back but they don’t seem to mind at all, infact I’d love long tail feathers to swish and swoosh along behind me!

Apple and Pears are back too, and boy have they grown into big strapping boars! They are as friendly as always and pose beautifully for photographs too 🙂

Frankie & Benny are back and have brought a real live friend called Benny. He is a gorgeous curly wurly piggy as you can see from his photos in their gallery…I’m not sure what happened to their ‘pretend’ friend though – he was a really good listener and didn’t run away from me!

Coco has arrived for his holidays, he is settling in nicely and enjoys being out on the grass!

Last but not least, the beautiful Blossom is back for her holidays too. She is very quiet, but it still tucking into her vegetables 🙂

That’s all for now, as I have lots of sunbathing to do 🙂

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