Comings and Goings!

Spike, Luna, Patch and Custard arrived a few days ago for their holidays. They are a friendly group and just love to laze around and eat…I get on with them very well 🙂

Fudge and Coco are back! They get bigger every time I see them, but Poppy said that’s not a good thing to say to sows, so instead I told them they looked like they enjoy their food, but everyone knows that it’s ideal when piggies put on weight, everyone loves a big piggy!

Pip has been here and gone home now. She was a lovely piggy whilst here, very quiet but very inquisitive, nothing happened without her knowing…a bit like me really apart from the quiet part 😛

Brownie and Primrose have been for their hols and had a fab time, eating plenty of grass, hay, and vegetables. They particularly liked it when the Ings hay was hidden and they had to get it out of tricky spaces…I prefer mine delivered on a plate 😉

And here is mine now, so I’ll have to tell you about the other arrivals another day!

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