Spa Days for the newbies!

Well, what a noisy bunch we’ve had in…they just didn’t shut up at all and they were extra loud at meal times…I didn’t get a wheek in edgeways! Poppy really enjoyed their company though, as Cream Puff and Elsa were super friendly and spent ages chatting away to everyone Bear had a haircut whilst he was here, he looks a lot like Mop now!

Kirstie and Poppy have been and gone for their holidays. They had a long relaxing weekend, at least it was relaxing when Cream Puff and Elsa were eating

Ralph and Flo are back for their hols. Flo was a little shy to begin with and would run to her hidey, don’t know why because she’s been here plenty of times before…but Ralph is eating out of Grandmas hand, literally

I must apologise on behalf of my forever mummy who’s lost the photos of Harry and Kirstie & Poppy – she said they’d just gone! We went looking up and down the path for them but couldn’t see them anywhere! I think more have been taken and successfully found their way into their galleries, so all is well

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