Lots of holidays!

Hello there,

We’re having a funny old time here at NEPB this year. The holidays seem to be having a sort of theme with them, most unusual!

The first few weeks were pamper holidays for sure, nearly every piggy that came wanted to be spruced up a bit too, the mad fools 😂

The next few weeks we turned into a hospital wing with lots of piggies staying that required medicine being given, morning, noon and night. I got into the queue for the banana flavoured one but was spotted and put back in my cage…I did get a bit of banana though so it wasn’t all bad!

And now this week seems to be all groups, yes the entire back section of the guinea pig house is full of groups, this makes for very noisy mealtimes indeed.

Freya and Luna would like to feature in this blog post as they are relatively new here. I tried explaining that it was about groups and groups are two or more piggies, so they couldn’t be featured. They didn’t understand and nagged and nagged so here we are!

Freya and Luna are enjoying themselves eating all their food up like good little piggies, and enjoying outdoor time in the long grass 😃

Back to the groups – there are literally so many piggies that I can’t remember all their names, but everyone is enjoying their time here, just as much as Freya and Luna!

The shopping has obviously gotten ridiculous with my Forever Mammy and Grandma popping out at least once if not twice a day to feed us all. I did suggest getting a bigger fridge, maybe one with a freezer compartment for iced melon balls, but that fell on deaf ears 😐

That’s about it for this week, I’m off to get in the queue for my food, because with all these groups here I need to make sure that I get second helpings!

Much love,

Summer xx