Pancake Day?

So, I’m still sat here. Here, is opposite the fridge. I’ve been here quite a while; I’d say at least 2 days because I’m still waiting for Grandma to put something back in the fridge.

Apparently, the piggy slaves have a tradition called pancake day, I’m assured this has nothing to do with pancaking piggies. It’s where the slaves use up all their eggs, flour and milk on one day, only to have to buy more the next day, so why use it all up in the first place? It totally confuses me. 

You see a few days ago Grandma took some berries, not just any berries, but the juiciest, reddest, strawberries and blueberries and raspberries there ever was, from our piggy fridge and off she went to adorn her pancake with them!

So I’ve been sat here waiting for Grandma to bring some berries back for us to eat…but she hasn’t…well she’s brought some ordinary looking berries back, but not the lovely juicy looking ones that she borrowed! Not the ones that I’d been looking forward to eating for MY tea!

My tummy has started to rumble now because I’ve been thinking about the lovely berries. I only had lettuce, sweetcorn, green beans, cucumber, pepper and radish for my tea, I NEED those delicious berries for pudding!

Much love and rumbling

Summer xx

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