Happy New Year! I mean…Happy February!

Woohoo! Happy New Year! I’m a bit late with that greeting, sorry! We closed up shop for a couple of weeks after Christmas to have a rest so I was a bit naughty and chose to abandon my blog completely and spend my days lounging in the hay with Poppy and eating my weight in parsley…

Anyway! What a lovely Christmas we’ve had, I hope yours has been just as cosy as ours. We had extra hay delivered so we were very cosy indeed! It was really fun to see so many old friends and a few new ones over the Christmas holidays, it’s always nice having a good catch up with all the goings on in your piggy homes  😀

Thankfully all the decorations have been taken down for a while now and put away until next year and the guinea pig house is currently having a really good spring clean ready for the next season! I think I’m about ready for another nap though so I won’t be able to help, of course, but Poppy is bright eyed so she can go round dusting and cleaning in my place  😉

Speak soon!

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