New friends and old friends to stay :)

Ollie and Brownie are back for their holidays, Ollie is a great squeaker with me and we spend many hours catching up and Brownie is a lovely sow and good friends with Poppy. Grandma is pleased because we are kept entertained and out of mischief 😉

The 5 sows have had their ‘piggy palace’ extended to 16ft now as Pop, Tuppence and Miranda have gone home. They seem to be enjoying it so I think I might put a request in that Poppy and I move in there once they have gone home, every cloud has a silver lining 🙂

Two new piggies have arrived for their holidays too, called Squirrel and Coco. They are not very squeaky at the minute but I’ll give them some time to settle in.They are fast little movers and enjoy their veggies and Readi grass…I think they might be a little too fast for Grandma to catch them on camera 😛

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