Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

It’s been very busy around here for Christmas, but I thought it was going to be peaceful all the same as the piggies were a little shy and quiet!!

Dino and Joey arrived first, a delightful pair that loved lots of cuddles. Maisie and Betty were next, so Poppy thoroughly enjoyed herself squeaking away to them for most of the days. Rosie arrived next with her new friend Earny, a lovely pair of piggies, if a little shy to begin with but they soon settled.

Holly, Fenti, Inca and Tricky had another holiday with us…some piggies are sooo lucky having lots of holidays a year, I only get to have one!

Flash and Harley came for their first holiday with us, they settled in really quickly, along with Gertie and Gwen who came for their first holiday too.

Last to arrive was Scampi and Mushroom, so I was all set for a quiet Christmas with a bunch of lovely, quiet piggies,  but then Rosie and Jeremy arrived after dark and brought Star and Twinkle with them…my plans for a quiet Christmas went out of the window!

I did manage to get a little rest in the hay but it was noisy at teatimes for sure, but everyone enjoyed it and a few even joined in with Star and Twinkles teatime chorus!

Charlotte and Fifi came for a short break in between Christmas and New Year, and Wilbur, Dexter and Pickle have arrived to celebrate New Year with us and the few piggies that are still here, so still no rest for my forever mummy, but I think that’s how she likes it 😀

Happy New Year

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  1. Wanda says:

    Lady Rose Blossom and her huspig, Lord Jeremy Handsome, would like to take the opportunity to apologise to Nosey for bringing Star and Twinkle along and smashing your plans for a quiet Christmas. They state that they really had no other option, unfortunately for you, it was only their slave that went down with laryngitis this Christmas! They are very grateful that you were willing to extend your hospitality for an additional night, when mummy was unable to get back! Lots of love from the Lord and Lady of the manor!

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