Let’s hear it for the boars!

Hello everyone, Summer here, loving life, food, sleep, boars, and more food 😉

We’ve been very busy this July with lots of holiday piggies coming and going. Bailey still holds the award for heaviest piggy to date. I’m sure that’s why he gets so much attention from visitors, as well as his friendly face that just squeaks “stroke me, stroke me”.

Ollie and Violet are back for another holiday and don’t we know it! Ollie likes to sing for his supper, lunch, breakfast and snacks, which is very sweet (I can just hear you all saying “ahhhh”) but really it’s not sweet at all because he’s extremely loud, so much so that I’ve asked to be relocated to the big house for some well-earned peace and quiet!

Fudge & Coco, Robbie & Richy and Minnie & Hugo are all-new holiday boarders and are enjoying themselves, joining in with all the gossip of the piggy house.  Daffodil & Daisy are back and thinking about joining Ruby’s yoga classes again as they enjoyed them so much last time they were here. Jaffa is back and brought along a new friend called Coco who seems very nice indeed  🙂 

We have two new boars holidaying with us. They are lovely, chunky, hunky boars with short brown hair called Storm & Gambit, even their names sound chunky hunky….sigh!

Twinkle & Sparkle, Kikki & Sally are pleased that they’re staying inside during the day whereas Chip and Sly, not happy with the melon, cucumber and grass brought in for them, just want to get outside and explore the garden, regardless of the hot temperatures. Some piggies are so impatient they just can’t wait until 7pm when it’s cooler…I must go and check on the boars now and make sure they’ve stayed safely inside.

Bye for now,

Summer xxxxx