Autumn already?

What a busy Autumn we’re having here, not at all like usual, where I relax and unwind from all the social squeaking and squealing I do across the cages to all my piggy friends over the Summer.

The holiday guinea pigs just didn’t stop arriving, in fact a couple more just arrived today but the last few weeks have been a little bit too much like being at the vet’s for my liking, with lots of medicines been given out left right and centre, I made sure I stayed in the hay out of the way!

It all started with Inca & Tricky, Tricky brought a small lump with her on holiday but it decided it quite liked being on holiday and had a growth spurt! So she had to go visit the vet and have lots and lots of medicine. She went home minus her lump friend but she seemed quite happy about that  🙂 

Toffee & Magpie decided to join in too, they needed to come here for medical care because their forever parents worked all day so couldn’t give them the medicines they needed. I think Magpie just wanted another holiday and planned it all to be honest with you because he recovered very quickly 😉 

Next, Joan & Betty arrived on pregnancy watch…I’m not sure quite what I was meant to do but my forever mummy kept popping in and out to check they hadn’t smuggled a baby in with them! Either way, it was exhausting just watching them run around their cabin all day, I never saw any babies so I think that was a positive thing.

Then came along Virgil & Midge for a holiday…oh if only it could have been that simple… their holiday started off well, making hay burrows, pooping on hay and then eating it, just the usual holiday things, but then off Virgil went to the vets, not once but three times, yes three times! The poor piggy was suffering from dental problems but he’s much better now after lots of painkillers, syringe feeding and lots and lots of cuddles.

Poppy & I are fine by the way, no medicine for us, just plenty of hay and veg, just how we like it!

Bailey is doing great too. He arrived a few days ago, along with a huge bag full of treats, his forever mummy must love him very, very much (just put that in, in case my forever mummy reads this)  😀 

Have to go catch up on my sleep now before the October half term rush arrives…yes, it really is halfway through October already… it won’t be long before I’m welcoming the Christmas holiday piggies!!


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