In, out, in, out and they move all about!


Poppy and I have said a lot of fond farewells to our holiday piggies as a lot of them returned home this week, but we didn’t stay sad for long as a whole new bunch arrived to stay for a while.

Badger & Dexter are here on their first holiday with us, and I have to say I think Dexter will easily win the ‘heaviest’ piggy title for this summer!

Daisy & Daffodil are also here for their first holiday, although you wouldn’t think it, as Daisy is so confident with everything, she didn’t take anytime settling in at all 🙂

Sooty, Daisy & Truffle are back for another holiday with us, they are currently enjoying the grass and dandelion patch outside, while the sun is shining. Vincent, Holly & Nutmeg love eating the grass too. Grandma is very pleased as she said it saves her a job, but I didn’t even know Grandma liked grass!

There have been a few ‘low calcium’ piggies here this year, like Lottie & Gus so it’s a good job we grew the lettuce patch. I supervised that procedure myself and it looks pretty good, even if I do say so myself; Lottie & Gus seem suitably impressed 🙂

Mali & Bambi are back for another holiday…I’ve lost count on how many they’ve been on this year, those lucky, lucky piggies! Val & Bree are here for a little weekend break; they’ve made themselves at home straight away, Val has even been falling asleep on his food dish with his little feet sticking out ready to trip Bree up!

Puck, Cream Puff & Elsa arrived yesterday. I’m not sure how long they are staying, but my, oh my, we certainly know they are here. I think they’ll definitely win the noisiest summer piggies again this year 😀

I’m off to hide in the hay as it does a good job of drowning out piggy squeals and squeaks!

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