Hilton’s update!

After many weeks without a friend, we are very pleased to announce that Hilton has not one, not two, but three friends. Three beautiful sows, two of which have the same colourings as he does, so they look like they really should be together. Then there’s a beautiful white one – well she was white when she arrived, but we have to say that she’s getting a little grass stained now!

The girls joined Hilton in his 8ft cabin and enjoyed lots of scattered food to share. I think Hilton may have been a little worried about having to share his meagre offerings with them but seemed happy enough when food for 4 was delivered  🙂

The group have been here for about 2 weeks now and bonding went well, they are sharing nicely, without any squabbling, sleeping closely if not directly next to each other in the hay, and Hilton is enjoying all the extra food treats he’s getting as the piggies were known in the rescue where we got them from as “the ladies who lunch” and I’d just like to testify that that is such an apt name for them as I don’t think the girls have stopped eating since they arrived!

We’d just like to say that if anyone needs to find a friend for their piggy, then please look for a local rescue centre – there are lots of piggies in need of a good home!

Our gorgeous girls came from NEGPR but there’s many more up and down the country 😀

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