Strike A Pose!

Ruby here, alive and well, despite having a few aches and pains! It all started when my yoga pants that I ordered in January arrived. They fit perfectly by the way and are such lovely colours, I want to wear them all the time, but they’d get spoiled in the hay and mess that Hilton leaves around.

Over half term, I decided I’d give my yoga pants a try and organised a few classes for the piggies, not just our fat four but for all of the piggy guests.

Boba & Patch and Henri & Alfie really had no idea what they were supposed to be doing and just went around and around in circles, without even stretching out their front paws once! 

(Credit to for both yoga images)

Robbie & Oreo said that they’d had enough bending and stretching for one day due to having their hair cut short and a long bath, so they wouldn’t be joining in, they just laughed at us piggies trying to do the downward doggie pose. 

Hettie & Rattie were quite good at it but Gloria just squeaked all the way through which totally disturbed the calming influence I was trying to have on the group 😬

Pixie & Poppy, Kiki & Sally, and Poppy & Ivy are definite yoga pros with their stretching of paws and standing in a row, if only all piggies were like these six, my job would be so much easier! 

Hilton was very good with the deep breathing, so good that he fell asleep. Winter refused to do anything unless she could wear my yoga pants, which obviously she couldn’t because I’m the group leader and therefore need to wear the pants. Summer needed to be coaxed to join in with the promise of treats after every yoga pose….

All in all, I’m not too sure whether I’d call this a success or not, but I have the loveliest pair of yoga pants so that’s made it all worthwhile 😊

Bye for now,