More sun, more grass, more veggies, more contented piggies!

Righto, I’ve got a list of the names and I think I’ve just about managed to remember who is who, although Carmella and Bella keep trying to trick me!

There’s Wesley, who is by far the most important, as he is in charge of the whole group being the boar, then there’s Carmella, Cleo, Judy, Lily, Bella and Mabel

They are a delightful bunch and have fitted in very well, as they’ve spent everyday lazing in the sunshine and eating grass and then eating veggies once they’ve returned indoors

Sponge has been doing exactly the same too, eating plenty of grass and veggies. He doesn’t run around as much as the group though, so he’s probably going to have put on weight when he gets on the scales tomorrow!

Hilton and Harry are in the process of being bonded – so far so good, but I’ll keep you up dated

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