Hi, my name is Nosey

My name is Nosey and I can’t think for the life of me why I got lumbered with that name… I mean why couldn’t I have been called something normal like Fred, Tom or Jack, yeah Jacks a good strong, dependable name I could be a Jack, or maybe something exotic like Leandro, Leo for short but no I’m stuck with Nosey; for now anyway until maybe some day when I get adopted and then my new family can choose any name they like to call me, as long as it’s something better than Nosey.

I’ve been rescued by the North East Guinea Pig Rescue and they have so many piggies in at the moment that I’m staying at NE Piggy Boarding, so this is my new foster home; it’s not too bad actually. I get fresh vegetables daily which I love and nuggets which I’m not too fond of but I have my foster mummy wrapped right around my little claw and when she sees I’ve left my nuggets she rushes in and gets me more fresh fruit and veg hahaha, I sure know who’s boss here 😀



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