Three’s a crowd!

We’ve had company in our new room which has been an added bonus. Esme and Pepper have been to stay for a whole week, the first boarders of 2013. Esme had a remarkable resemblance to Poppy and she even sat in the hay as if she was laying eggs too, just like Poppy…maybe it’s a sow thing?

More boarders arrived during the week so we’ve had 4 lovely sows in our room with us. I loved it as we had lots of conversations about this and that but Poppy didn’t like it at all…I think she might have been jealous because after one such conversation Poppy squealed really loudly, pushed me away from that side of the run and went and sulked in the igloo. She didn’t come out for ages despite my walking round and round it and laying outside to prove to her that it’s her that I love…I do love Poppy it’s just that I enjoy talking to other sows too, there’s nothing wrong in doing that is there?

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