Busy, busy, busy!

It’s been all go around here for me just lately. Poppy and I have had our nails cut… something that I did not relish having done but actually it wasn’t that bad as we were given mange tout and green beans to eat 😀

We’ve also moved home, into a double with stairs! I’m not too sure about the stairs, they don’t do anything, they are just there. Poppy tried to investigate but I showed her who’s boss and pushed her over to safety, because I don’t want her getting hurt or anything – after all I don’t know what might happen if she goes up there and I think if anyone should investigate it should be me… so I’m thinking of going tomorrow or maybe the day after…

Harry and Neville have gone; yes they finally found their forever home. I’m trying so hard to be happy for them, but with Simon and James getting their forever home too, it is awfully quiet around here 🙁

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