Fond farewells and gleeful greetings!

New boarders arrived yesterday – they are staying directly opposite me so I get to talk to them all the time. They are named Squeak and Pepper; Pepper has lovely colouring like…erm…well, pepper and Squeak squeaks a lot so they are very aptly named.

Squeak and Pepper are in a double hutch but they haven’t mastered the ramp yet; I really wish they would because there is another bundle of hay waiting for them up there and if they’re not going to eat it then I’ll have to go and eat it for them 😉

Sub-Z and Porky loved their double hutch; they mastered the ramp very well. At mealtimes they rushed upstairs and ate out of that dish and then rushed downstairs and started on that dish too, I’m sure they were racing each other to see who could get there first. They’ve gone home now, hopefully I’ll see them again because they were such characters 🙂

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