Busy, busy busy!

Well it’s been all go around here over the last few days

Mop and Lilly have gone home, silky smooth, short haired and smelling of Gorgeous Guineas shampoo; their forever mummy was very pleased with the results and is bringing them back in November for their mite prevention, so I’ll get to see my old Mop again because surely his hair will have grown back by then?

Jeremy and Jeremiah came in for some grooming which consisted of a bath, hair combing and nail trims and mite prevention. They are booked in for a holiday in December too, so I’ll get to catch up with them again very soon, because my grandma says the months are just flying by

Finally, we have new holiday boarders; beautiful long haired piggies called Pippin and Bumble. Their photos are already in the gallery too, only indoor play though because it’s been far too wet and cold for any of us to go outside

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